Green Arrow Pilot Has Shades Of Bourne Franchise

Green Arrow Pilot Has Shades Of Bourne Franchise

Just in time for the “Bourne Legacy” trailer comes another bit of unexpected Bourne goodness. As you’re likely aware by now, there’s a new Green Arrow pilot in the works at The CW — and no, it’s got little else to do with the Oliver Queen seen on Smallville.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, CW development head Thom Sherman likened the “Arrow” lead to more of a Jason Bourne type than a classic superhero.

“He doesn’t have any superpowers, he’s a very grounded character like a Jason Bourne — we use the term ‘mambo,’” said Sherman. “His skill-set is that he’s an archer, but he also [has] physical strength and prowess. He’s clever and able to devise ways of taking down a bad guy that are unique and fun to watch.”

How else does “Arrow” differ from the classic superhero years of “Smallville,” you ask? Sherman has an answer for that one, too.

“It’s a very provocative and sophisticated and edgy [show],” he said of the pilot. “It’s not as comic book-y as Smallville or other [superhero projects] from other networks.”

It’ll still be a bit before we know if “Arrow” gets picked up to series. But the possibility of a Bourne-inspired live-action take on Green Arrow certainly has me excited all the same.

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