Spider-Man Director Talks Lizard, Gwen Stacy & More

Spider-Man Director Talks Lizard, Gwen Stacy & More

Amazing Spider-Man fans are in for a heck of a day. The web-slinger is swinging all over the place in a global event taking place later today, widely assumed to reveal preview footage from the upcoming Andrew Garfield-starring flick. Ahead of that, we’ve got some new “Spider-Man” photos to enjoy, and an interview with director Marc Webb to boot.

Latino Review got their hands on an upcoming Comic-Con magazine featuring an extensive interview with Webb. Some of the highlights past the break.

» On The Untold Story: “It’s really important for us to be able to communicate that this isn’t a remake of Sam Raimi’s movie. There’s a new territory, there’s a new villain, it’s a different Peter Parker.”

» On The Lizard: “He’s fantastic. He brings a surly sophistication. Curt Connors is a friend of Peter Parker. He is an ally who evolves into an adversary, but Peter always cares deeply for Dr. Connors. Rhys has tow sides to his personality. He has a wonderful kindness and warmth, and he has this surly rock ‘n’ roll part of his personality and you really sense both of those in this movie.”

» On Gwen Stacy: “[She] is a young scientifically minded woman who’s super smart, maybe even a little bit smarter than Peter at times. I like that dynamic, that there was a rivalry between the two of them in some way. And I think Emma and Andrew’s chemistry really describes that in a fun, very intimate way.”

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