Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 1/18/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 1/18/12

Wonder Woman #5 by Cliff Chiang

Don’t kill it! It’s just a misunderstood freak of nature! The thing I enjoy the most about this cover is the creature itself; it’s such a beautiful amalgamation of walrus, octopus, whale and what appears to be a rooster with a crown. However, with the tentacles wrapped around the leg, images of hentai-tentacle-rape do come to mind, but not in any major way. The colors work well together, the outlines are soft on the eye, it’s a great cover!


Ghostbusters #5 by Jose Holder

 This looks like one New Year’s Eve party I’d love attend! Having seen the ball drop in Times Square a few times (on television, mind you), it always looks chaotic and quite messy. To pretend for a second that all the people there suddenly became the walking dead would  certainly make the call to the Ghostbusters ASAP! I love the frantic, colorful style by Holder with this cover. It portrays the typical dynamic; everyone but Venkman taking the mission at hand seriously. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for Holder in the future, because his is a style I enjoy.


Avengers #21 by Daniel Acuña

Storm is one of those characters who doesn’t get the spotlight very so often. But when she does, especially with a great artist like Acuña, I feel like it’s my birthday. The soft light on her sexy figure, with blue lightning shooting from her hands; it’s enough to get any heterosexual male aroused. That outfit of hers should be the swimwear of this summer, and I could totally pull it off. One might even go so far as to claim that this cover is really shocking. Add the rest of the Avengers in the background, and it’s a very tasteful cover overall.


T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Vol. 2 #3 by Dustin Nguyen

One of the things I enjoy about highlighting a cover from a series I know nothing about, is I have no references to base my criticisms on! Therefore, I look at a striking cover such as this one, and just take it all in without having to worry about if the Cloak/Spectre character would actually scream in such a fashion. I love the floating coding zooming by, the holographic faces, and the serpent-like cables. Dustin Nguyen is always a favorite of mine, so it’s great to see him continuing strong with the covers in this new year.

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