Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 12/28/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 12/28/11

American Vampire #22 by Rafael Albuquerque

Eeeyyy! Grease Lightning, go Grease Lightnin’! So as the cover suggests, we now find our vampires in another decade (yet again). The stylings of a vampire greaser is oddly appealing-yet-fitting to me, and the typography is the cherry on top. I enjoy this series immensely, and I’m not worrying about it jumping the shark in this arc (That was a Fonzi reference, kiddos)! Really enjoyed the stylized simplicity that Rafael put into the cover.


Captain America & Bucky #625 by Francesco Francavilla

If you don’t follow Francesco on Twitter, you really should; every day he posts something new that he’s working on, and the result is always gorgeous. It’s like unwrapping a new present every day, and you still smile every single time. I remember a while back seeing some Captain America action interiors done by him and I was overjoyed. Then I see this cover, and my eyeballs instantly eyegasmed. Everything you need to know about this issue is presented to you on the cover; HYDRA, WW2, and Cap & Bucky. This I can definitely see as the cover they use on the eventual collection.


Haunt #20 by Nathan Fox

Not only is the direction for the series fresh, but the covers by Fox have grown by leaps and bounds as well. I’m instantly hooked by the bizarre array on the cover, and for those who know me, I’m always a sucker for blood-splatter and vibrant neon colors. It’s almost like looking at a 3D acid trip, slowly becoming immersed in this twisted and strange new world. Bottom-line is this; Nathan Fox really brings it with this cover.


The Mice Templar Volume III #6 by Michael Avon Oeming

Did I mention that I’m also a major sucker for watercolors? Because I totally am. Not just well done watercolors, but the combination of inks being incorporated in the flow of the image as well. Very excellent use of the colors on Oeming’s part, and the reds especially hit you with that good creepy feeling. Of mice and men for sure!


The Flash #4 by Francis Manapul

As usual, Barry Allen is the center of the universe. Apparently giving him his own title didn’t inflate his ego enough, so let’s just crank it up to 11 and make him the center of attention as well! Even the text seems drawn to his animal magnetism! I really enjoyed a lot of the white backgrounds this week, especially when there was tons of well-placed colors balancing the image as a whole at the same time. This cover looks great, and really does encapsulate the Flash as a character who is constantly in motion.


The Unwritten #32.5 by Yuko Shimizu

This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down. Everyone else can go home, because Shimizu came, saw, and completely conquered the competition this week. How could you not want this framed on your wall? Shimizu puts such excruciating detail in her covers, that you can’t help but kneel before her greatness. I don’t want this just as a poster, I want it as a t-shirt and a way of life as well. Absolute eye-candy!

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