Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 12/21/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 12/21/11

Green Hornet #20 by Brian Denham

Sometimes, it’s just the simple color scheme that gets me. The blacks & greens just pop-off the red background, making the Green Hornet to appear simply striking and ready for action. The hints of yellow help capture the eye, and make the image as a whole feel complete. I can easily see this as the cover of the next collection.


Uncanny X-Force #19 by Rafael Grampá

Favorite cover of the week, without question. While I did enjoy the painted menacing feel of Esad Ribic’s covers, this Grampá cover takes it to a different level entirely. The multicolored smoke from Nightcrawler(?)’s bamfing really captures my attention, followed by the different action poses of the rest of the team. It feels so balanced with all that negative space, and the characters themselves look cool in their wave-type formation. Beautiful cover, and I want it as a poster immediately.


Fables #112 by Joao Ruas

Very good timing on Vertigo’s part, I must say! This cover has me wanting similar visions of sugarplums and the like dancing through my head come this weekend. Holy Christmas Trinity, Three Spirits, call them what you will, but they’re each beautifully rendered in their own special way. The tiny crown above Santa’s head is a nice little touch.


Lady Mechanika #3 by Joe Benitez

After completing an entire semester of English literature, I became fascinated with the Victorian era, and the influence the culture had on steampunk. Looking at this cover, it makes me happy that little touches of the steampunk culture are alive and well, and it helps having such a cool background design paired with it. This gal comes with all the accessories; gun, mask, and fan. Joe Benitez sure knows how to draw a sexy-yet-classy woman!


Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1 by Chris Burnham

What, are you dense? Are you robotic or something?! He’s the goddamn Batman (Inc)! While it’s a simple-yet-effective design, I really like the multiple layers of Batmen being lead by Batman. The lime green color also resonates with me, and I don’t know why. I just automatically smile when looking at this cover, and that’s always a good sign when I’m picking and choosing them every week. Well done, Mr. Burnham!

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