Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 12/7/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 12/7/11

Sweet Tooth #28 by Jeff Lemire

This is why beastiality is wrong. In all seriousness though, I really like the old-timey feel to the cover. It conveys that this is Gus’ real mother, and his place of birth is in Alaska (I hear that he can see Russia from his pouch!). I’m always a fan of blood-splatter, so just to see it sprayed across the picture sends a very powerful message to the viewer of what else to expect this issue. Even from an early age, Gus doesn’t go looking for trouble, he appears to walk right Inuit.


Hack/Slash #10 by Becky Cloonan

‘Cover B’? I’m sorry, but that must be a mistake. For you see, Becky Cloonan is one of my favorite comic artists of all time, because she is constantly amazing with her very rebellious-yet-always-sexy style. So while I agree that her influence goes hand-in-hand with a character like Cassie, you do not give her second billing with an alternate cover. ‘Cover B’? The mere thought of it makes me want to puke, eat the puke back up, then puke it all out again. Look at this cover, now look back at me. Go Google ‘Cover A’, then look at ‘Cover B’. See the difference? You’re right! Cover A should be switched with Cover B, because people like Becky Cloonan. If you’re currently in the proximity of someone who disagrees with me, eat their soul, and tell them that Cammy sent you. All kidding aside though, Cloonan really needs to do more Hack/Slash covers! Love it!


iZombie #10 by Michael Allred

If I was strolling through the supermarket and spied this cover on the rack by the checkout stand, I’d do a double-take, throw my head back and laugh, then add it to my items. I don’t care if it’s ’15 Items or Less’, that old hag behind me can wait another goddamn minute, because I don’t go around telling her to hurry up and die already! Anyways, I like how the cover feels a bit dated, yet the colors are still the right kind of vibrant. It nails all the usual questions and headlines you see on Cosmopolitan and Vogue, only Allred is obviously having fun with creating the drama with his own characters. I can see this as a poster on the walls of every The Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead fan for sure.


Venom #10 by Tony Moore

Symbiotes of Anarchy, on FX. Think about it, then start sending me my royalty checks for my brilliant idea. You’re welcome, America.

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