Doctor Who passes 48 Years…

Doctor Who passes 48 Years…

Forty-eight years ago, November 23, 1963, one of the most prolific science-fiction television series and properties in popular media today debuted. It featured a mysterious man who travelled through time brandishing a sonic screwdriver saving the world from countless threats, all courtesy of a blue police box.

The program ran initially for 26 years seeing seven actors play the lead role throughout the course of the run. In 1996, a made-for-television movie aired featuring yet an eighth actor to step into the iconic role.

Six years ago in 2005, the property was revived once again and has been running on air ever since, seeing, so far, three more actors assume the role of this mysterious character known only as “The Doctor.”

I’m of course talking about Doctor Who.

This massively popular program spawned novels, comics, merchandise and spin-off series throughout it’s long life, and continues to dominate as one of the premiere science-fiction shows on the air and in the hearts of fans abroad.

The British show debuted and still runs on the BBC network, while also airing on the SyFy channel in the United States and various other channels in the many countries the show is available and beloved.

There are many fans of Doctor Who here at Comic Related. I am actually not one of them, but I can appreciate their dedication and love for this show. My own mother used to watch the original series as a child and has fond memories of it.

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