Marvel Cancels More Titles

Marvel Cancels More Titles

The cancellations aren’t over yet for Marvel, as more solicitation info revealed that both Ghost Rider and Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive are getting the axe. Originally reported by CBR and later confirmed by Ghost Rider Rob Williams on Twitter, the series will end after issue #8. After that, the character will be appearing in a big event taking place in the pages of Rick Remender’s Venom.

Black Panther was revealed to be at its end in the exclusive solicits provided to Newsarama earlier this week, with the text reading “Kingpin vs. T’Challa in this status-quo changing series finale!” Where the character is headed after that remains to be seen.

This news comes after the recent cancellation of X-23 and a bulk of other Marvel titles.

Update: In an interview with CBR today, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso confirmed the additional cancellation of Daken: Dark Wolverine.

“It’s always disappointing when a title comes to an end. I’ll bet everyone reading this column still mourns the death of a title or two they loved – and wonder why the book didn’t stick. And I guarantee you that as frustrated as a fan might be, there’s a writer, artist and an editor who are even more disappointed. That’s just the way things go sometimes. The market won’t support it,” he explained. “That said, I’m proud of X-23’s run. Two successful limited series and an ongoing series ain’t bad. Ditto for Daken [who is also ending his series].”

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