Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 11/9/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 11/9/11

PIGS #3 by Amanda Conner

Nothing sexier than a half-naked Ruskie in paradise! If you want an artist to draw an attractive woman of any kind on your cover, you hire Amanda Conner. Furry hat, furry boots, Che shirt on, and a rocket launcher draped with the American Flag. Mixed messages are being fired-off here, and yet I still have an erection. If I was a gentleman, I’d offer her some blue jeans to cover-up. But I’m not a gentleman. Final thought; I want to steal her hat.


Avengers Origins: Vision #1 by Marko Djurdjevic

Alright, who told Vision to strike a pose? Vogue choreography aside, I like the imagery in this cover. The gears on the bottom and the illustrated eyes up top give the cover as a whole a nice balance. His yellow cape and red face really pop, and his gray outfit sort of suggests a somewhat sinister tone. I really like the details in his face; very sullen, he may be a little upset about something. Maybe he’s irritated that he only has one arm, and it’s stuck in that position. Forever.


30 Days of Night #2 by Sam Kieth

Such beautifully twisted image, encapsulating the moment of pure horror you feel when being pounced upon by a ferocious beast! Kieth really outdid himself with this cover; it should belong in a galley of some sort, and referred to as ‘how to do it right’ for younger artists. The jaws and splatter almost remind me of Templesmith a little, and that’s good for the feel of the  30 Days of Night series. I just can’t stop looking at it; is it morphing? Is is just naturally that hideous? I want to know more about this haggard-looking creature.


Batwoman #3 by J.H. Williams III

Homer’s The Odyssey comes to mind, more specifically; Scylla & Charybdis. No matter where Batwoman escapes to in this cover, she’s in deep trouble. What has me anticipating with excitement is Alice down on the bottom there! Is she back? Is it just a flashback? I need to know more immediately! Williams III’s painted style is the 9th Wonder of the World, pure and simple. DC, do the man right and have an ABSOLUTE J.H. WILLIAMS III COVER COLLECTION. I will give you many dead presidents for this mythical book that I just made-up.


The Occultist #1 by Steve Morris

Ooh-La-La! What do we have here? It’s really James Jean-esque, and I totally love it. So much is happening in this cover, that it took me several minutes just to observe everything and absorb it all in. It all flows together so smoothly, the man in the red hood being the key target. I hope he brought enough spells for everyone, because they don’t look so pleased to see him. Wacky, elegant, and wild! Make it a poster ASAP!

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