Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 10/19/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 10/19/11

Dark Horse Presents #5 by Eric Powell

While this cover is horribly depressing to me, I also find it rather beautiful at the same time. A lonely, sad robot at its wits end finally deciding to end it all after several months (even years perhaps!) aboard an empty space station. I love the watercolors seen in the sun’s rays and shadows of the moons. If I were a robot about to meet the blue screen of death, I’d chose this view as my last too.


Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #1 by Keith Giffen

Excuse me? Baking powder? Of all the company-wide crossovers to happen, I did not imagine this one by a long shot! But now that I take a second to think about it, the meeting of these two properties in particular does make a lot sense. As usual with any first meeting among heroes, there’s a lot of fighting and misunderstanding (which can be seen with this cover). What absolutely blew my mind was Giffen once again channeling Jack Kirby style-wise, and I’m going ga-ga for it! It does seem like the kind of wacky tale he would design. With this cover and the success from the O.M.A.C. relaunch, I think Keith Giffen is once again on fire!

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