The Crow Loses Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

The Crow Loses Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Try as it might, it seems that The Crow simply cannot fly.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, recently pegged to direct a new film version of “The Crow,” has stepped away from the project. Twitch Film broke the news on Friday, reporting that Fresnadillo will refocus his efforts on rebooting “The Highlander” for Summit Entertainment.

Fresnadillo’s departure is just the latest incident in a long line of bad luck for Relativity Media in their attempt to resurrect the “Crow” franchise, once again without a director or a star in place. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more on the revolving door of new, would-be “Crow” filmmakers and actors before long. But perhaps now is as good an opportunity as any to reconsider whether or not going forward with this movie is the wisest course of action. Maybe, just maybe, it’s best to leave this particular franchise alone.

In previous The Crow news:

» Word first emerged in 2008 of a new revamp of The Crow, originally planned by director and writer Stephen Norrington. News of the remake struck original Crow director Alex Proyas as “ridiculous,” though Norrington insisted the movie would not be a remake.

» Norrington planned to enter production in the summer of 2010, a notion that was swiftly followed by some brand new plot details revealed by producer Edward Pressman. Summer shooting never took flight, but in the fall, Mark Wahlberg was reportedly offered the lead role. Things were looking up, though Wahlberg said he was waiting on the script before agreeing to be in the movie.

» The Crow took a big hit when Norrington parted ways with the project, and Wahlberg’s involvement fell through as well. Replacements soon came in the form of director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and star Bradley Cooper, but Cooper dropped out shortly due to scheduling conflicts. Fresnadillo’s departure leaves the film without a star or director attached at the moment.

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  1. Dianthrax says:

    Maybe all of this crap is a sign that no one should be making another freaking “Crow” movie!

    Anyone ever consider that??

    Also: “Highlander”? Seriously?? Christ…