Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Bundle Pack

Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Bundle Pack

Rumors were floating around late last week that Rocksteady Studios were adding yet another character to the Batman: Arkham City line-up. While it seems like nearly every week has brought the announcement of a new villain, today’s confirmation from Warner Bros. actually announces that you’ll have more options in regards to playable characters. Upping the Robin and former-Robin count, Nightwing is joining the cast.

That’s not to say that you can just play through “Arkham City” as Dick Grayson. Much like the previously announced Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing will only be playable in the game’s “challenge” maps.

The “Nightwing Bundle Pack” will (obviously) include the character and his unique gadgets, but there’s the added bonus of two additional challenge maps included with the bundle: Main Hall and Wayne Manor. You’ll also receive a “Batman: The Animated Series” Nightwing skin, which is pretty great. The bundle will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 1 for $6.99 and 560 points, respectively.

When it was announced back in June that Robin would also be available for challenge map play, he was revealed as a pre-order bonus for those purchasing the game from Best Buy. The developers had assured everyone that the character would eventually be available to purchase for everyone. According to today’s press release, it looks like non-Best Buy owners will have their opportunity on November 22.

Personally, I’m just happy that Jason Todd is nowhere to be found in “Arkham City.” Well, unless I get to play as the Joker and off him. That would be amazing.

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  1. igamek says:

    What villains have been confirmed to appear in Batman: Arkham City?