Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 9/28/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 9/28/11

All-Star Western #1 by Moritat

I remember when first seeing this cover in previews, I was torn; the amazing Moritat is illustrating it, but why the hell do they feel the need to put Jonah Hex in Gotham?! Surely not every outlaw in the old west has been brought to justice yet, right? After holding this copy in my hands, all my worries washed away. I’ve been a fan of Moritat’s since he was on Elephantmen and Hip Flask, so to see him on a higher profile project like this, I’m tremendously happy for him. You think the cover is pretty, you should check-out his interiors for this issue as well! Complete eye-candy!


Doctor Who #9 by Mark Buckingham

Doctor Who? Check. Tyrannosaurus Rex in a space suit? Check. Space Squid? Check. All done by Mark Buckingham? Triple-check. That’s it ladies and gentlemen; we’ve found the perfect comic book cover.


The Savage Hawkman #1 by Philip Tan

When you have a character being described as ‘savage’, you had better not be playing around. It’s the word that belongs to something that truly looks and acts the part, leaving no doubt in the viewers mind. This cover right here is indeed savage, thanks to the talented Philip Tan. I love that while this rugged brute of a being is ready to kill you with his stare alone, you’re drawn in to all the detail in his armor, weapon and wings. You want to compliment him on looking quite dapper and wild, and yet, you want to flee in terror. Very exciting cover!


Incorruptible #22 by Garry Brown

I’ve always been a fan of splattered blood on covers, maybe that’s why I enjoy reading my comics ringside at MMA fights. This cover really conveys the anger and anguish that’s going on in the character’s face. His eyes in particular are very well rendered, because we the viewers can almost feel all his rage through the cover. Add in a dash of red for the blood (and the Plutonian’s symbol) on a dominantly blue cover, and this illustration definitely works well. It almost reminds me of Paul Azaceta’s great-looking style.


Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest #1 by Francesco Francavilla

Dear Raptor Jesus this is a beyond gorgeous cover! I mean when I see ‘Francavilla’ I automatically know it’s  going to be spectacular, but when I saw this cover, it completely blew my mind! Francesco has really outdone himself this time, and I can’t even image how long it must have taken him to complete. I especially love how the house and blood slowly transition into Abe’s black zig-zag lightning stripes. And those eyes, those menacing red eyes! Sends a chill down my spine. This needs to be the cover for the eventual collection, or else I’m calling for Scott Allie’s resignation.

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