Boom honors Oosterveer with Free Download

Boom honors Oosterveer with Free Download

Earlier this week, Dutch artist Minck Oosterveer died tragically in a motorcycle accident at age 50. Oosterveer worked extensively in european comics but also on American projects such as Marvel’s RUSE and several projects for BOOM!. As a tribute to his work, BOOM! is offering all issues of Mark Waid and Oosterveer’s THE UNKNOWN and THE UNKNOWN: DEVIL MADE FLESH for free via comiXology, iVerse, Graphicly, and mydigitalcomics.

More remembrances of Oosterveer from his US agent, Renee Witterstaetter

Minck was without a doubt one of the wittiest, and nicest people I’ve met in comics or anywhere. I don’t believe it would even be possible to find anyone that would have anything negative to say about the man. You could only know Minck a minute and he’d have you feeling at ease. Like you’d been friends forever.

That was my experience. I met Minck for the first time over drinks with he, Barry Kitson and Mark Thelosen at the Lille Comics Festival several years ago, and it was one of the most memorable (and fun) conversations I can recall at any show any where. Lines from the night became our running jokes, in fact.

And BOOM! Editor-in-Chief, Matt Gagnon.

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