More Walking Dead News

More Walking Dead News

Over a month has passed since The Walking Dead and Frank Darabont parted ways, but according to a new report, perhaps his days with the dead aren’t entirely over.

Darabont is still in discussions with AMC “to continue on with an unspecified role on the show,” Deadline reports, citing inside sources. He’ll reportedly retain his executive producer credit, but exactly how involved he’ll be with the creative goings-on of the series remains unclear, with negotiations “in the hands of the lawyers.”

For his part, series executive producer and comic book creator Robert Kirkman told Deadline that the transition from Darabont to new showrunner Glen Mazzara has gone very smoothly.

“Everything has transitioned really well with Glen,” he said. Regarding concerns about the show’s reported budget reductions, he offered: “Anyone who has concerns about how the budget will affect things will be reassured after they see the premiere. All of our production values (from Season 1) are the same if not bigger.”

But even if the ship is sailing smoothly now in his perspective, Kirkman admitted that Darabont’s sudden departure was a shock at first.

“Oh sure, it was tough,” he said. “It happened. It is what it is. But the truth is Frank remains very much a part of the second season. He was there from early February through the time he left (in July) mapping things out. His stamp will be all over it. But that aside, the attitude is good. Everyone’s 100 percent invested in making the best TV show that we can.”

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