Ridley Scott Has Signed On To Direct New Blade Runner

Ridley Scott Has Signed On To Direct New Blade Runner

From Bleeding Cool:

You want some exciting news, well here it is. A certain director you may have heard of called Ridley Scott has just announced that he’s signed on to direct the next entry in the Blade Runner series, though it’s still uncertain if it’s a prequel or a sequel. Scott is currently completing production on another return to his roots with Prometheus, a sci-fi thriller closely linked to the original Alien movies, and so it’s not unsurprising that he’s planning to follow up another of his early classics.

The rights to create a new Blade Runner movie were acquired by Alcon Entertainment some time ago, but with a name like Scott attached it seems that this project is finally going to be moving forward with a competent director at the helm. Of course, what we all really want to know is whether Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as Richard Deckard, which seems likely if the film turns out to be a sequel. If it’s a prequel they could always have young Deckard played by Shia LaBeouf.

Blade Runner did in fact receive a number of sequels in book form, written by Philip K. Dick’s friend, K.W. Jeter. The books were published between 1995 and 2000 and were titled, in order, Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human, Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night and Blade Runner 4:  Eye and Talon. If you hear any of those titles announced in the future it’s a good indication that the film will be based on one of Jeter’s novels.

There’s still a lot of ground to cover with the theme of artificial intelligence and methods of technologically enhancing the human body, and with the advances that have been made since 1982 there’s definitely call for a follow-up. On that note, I’d like to remind everyone that the latest in the series of Deus Ex games, entitled Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is out later this month and looks absolutely fabulous.

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  1. Mister_Q says:

    Noooooooooo! Not another lame cash-in sequel!! 🙁

    The original one was hardly a box office smash, so I guess they’ll need to add a lot more explosions and car chases to this one. And giant replicants! With lasers!