Chris Evans As Modern Captain America

Chris Evans As Modern Captain America

The first photos of Chris Evans in full costume on the Cleveland set of The Avengers hit the web today, and the new suit is definitely a major improvement from the one Evans wore in this summer’s Captain America: The First Avenger. Gone are his helmet’s chinstrap and the array of gadgets strapped to his chest. The Avengers suit is sleeker in every way and, based on Cap’s alliance with Tony Stark, probably a lot more technologically advanced as well.

But there are a couple more nuggets to be gleaned from this photo as well.

Based on the overturned taxi by Evans’ feet, this seems to be our first look at the movie’s battle-torn NYC setting. Other photos show Evans standing on top of a car, surrounded by police officers. It certainly looks like one of the officers is pointing his guns at our friendly neighborhood Captain America, but all three actors in the photo seem to be distracted by something off in the distance. Maybe it was these explosion scenes that also took place during shooting today?

When MTV caught up with Evans in July, he admitted that he was not as big a fan of the “Captain America” suit as he is of the one in The Avengers. The Captain America suits were “not comfortable,” he said, though he didn’t clarify that The Avengers costumes were any better.

“In The Avengers, the suit is much more slick, it’s modern. There is a lot of range of motion and it makes those fight sequences a lot easier,” Evans explained. “It looks fantastic.”

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