Robert Crumb Quits Graphic 2011 after Newspaper Insult

Robert Crumb Quits Graphic 2011 after Newspaper Insult

Four words made Robert Crumb quit the Sydney Australia Graphic Convention. Those words: “Self confessed sex pervert”.

That is how an article in the Australian Telegraph described him and caused him to abandon all the plans that had been made for his appearance, including several programs collected by the Sydney Opera House.

On the show’s Facebook page, Coordinator Jordan Verzar said “It’s a very, very disappointing situation. There were a legion of people eagerly anticipating his visit and the Graphic team and Sydney Opera House had been working for months to pull together the shows he was involved with and to supply an enjoyable first visit to Australia for him. I sincerely doubt that he will ever make it to Australia now. It’s a very sad day, but I’m still excited and looking forward to the rest of the great shows happening at Graphic next weekend.”

This is not Mr.. Crumb’s first brush with controversy. Most recently he created the Harvey Award winning The Book of Genesis Illustrated which adapted all 50 chapters of the Bible’s first book into graphic novel form.

Graphic 2011, without Crumb, will take place on August 20 and 21.

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