The Scent of an Assassin

The Scent of an Assassin

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labis creating four new scents based on the Grendel work of Matt Wagner, to debut at next weekend’s Wizard World Chicago Con to benefit Hero Initiative.

Mastermind is based upon Hunter Rose, the best-selling author, unstoppable assassin and the founding member of what’s come to be known as the Grendel legacy. It’s redolent with undertones of pale balsam and orange blossom, black plum and sandalwood, all supporting the more exotic strains of olibanum, leather accord and black amber.

Avenger is a pure jolt of Christine Spar, the fiery journalist who donned the Grendel’s mask to avenge the death of her only child. Filled with rich highlights of vanilla, bourbon and rum, with hints of patchouli, clove, and caraway, it is deadly plush.

Exorcist, which honors the memory of Brian Li Sung, Christine Spar’s lover who was driven by grief into assuming the guise of Grendel, infuses lilac with frankincense, labdanum and dark musk.

Finally, popping with the scent of pink grapefruit, white honey, saffron and blonde tobacco, Harlequin captures the quixotic essence of Eppy Thatcher, a rebel addicted to a terrible hallucinogen nicknamed “Grendel” who wages guerilla war against a Catholic Theocracy in a dystopic future.

These four new scents will be available in 5 ml bottles for $26.00 each, with the proceeds benefitting the Hero Initiative. Other merchandize, including an issue of Hero Comics featuring Matt Wagner’s art on cover and the few remaining copies of the limited edition The Unknown book/scent combo packs, will also be available, with all sales benefiting the Hero Initiative.

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