More Rumblings on a Darkness Movie

More Rumblings on a Darkness Movie

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, and it already boasts big news: Mandeville Films is developing the Top Cow comic book series “The Darkness” into a feature film.

The Los Angeles Times acknowledges that, yes, there have been previous attempts to make a movie out of “The Darkness” before, but this time, Jackie Estacado’s big-screen prospects look a bit more promising.

Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman are set to produce, while David Manpearl and Top Cow’s own Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri (who co-created the character) will executive produce.

The Los Angeles Times speculates that part of the reason “The Darkness” should move forward now is because of timing. Besides all the graphic novels being made into movies, this title’s dark atmosphere makes it a strong fit tonally with “The Dark Knight Rises.” “R.I.P.D.” was also brought up, though that’s more of a comedy, but it also has that otherworldly feel.

This isn’t the first time Mandeville Films has worked with “The Darkness” publishing company, Top Cow. As a team, they’ve also worked on “Crosshair” and “Alibi” feature films.

“The Darkness” debuted as a graphic novel in 1996 and since then has published more than 100 books and sold 25 million copies. Its story follows Jackie Estacado, a member of the Mafia who can bring about creatures from other realms through “the darkness.”

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