Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Batman Must Return

Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Batman Must Return

Batman rises one last time next July, but you won’t have to wait a full year before catching a glimpse at the final round of “Dark Knight” mania.

Warner Bros. has officially released the first teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” on their Facebook page (via Collider), offering fans their fullest and best look yet at Christopher Nolan’s third and final romp through Gotham City.

It’s a short, intense teaser that’s heavy on nostalgia while keeping a short leash on new material: we get a solid look at a badly battered Commissioner Jim Gordon, naturally, as well as a sneak peek at Tom Hardy as Bane. No Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, unfortunately, and no early look at Josh Pence as a younger Ra’s Al Ghul. But given the “Batman Begins” monologue playing over “Begins” and “The Dark Knight” footage, you definitely get the sense that Nolan’s Batman sendoff will tie in closely with the two films we’ve already seen—the director has long said that he views “Rises” as an end to a trilogy, and it certainly looks like he isn’t kidding around.

Overall, it’s perhaps not quite the fresh, fully fleshed out look at “The Dark Knight Rises” that many of us were hoping for. But it still conveys the sense of urgency plaguing Gotham City and offers a whole bunch of teases that have us feeling eager to return to the DC Comics universe sooner rather than later.

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