Titanium Rain: The Audio Drama

Titanium Rain: The Audio Drama

Last year we released our first piece, Starstruck (you have found the time to hear it I hope) – now we’re beginning the development process on not one but several projects; unfortunately, a great deal of Starstruck profits have gone to the state of CA, or toward start-up costs, leaving us very little for production costs. For these projects, we have turned to IndieGoGo to raise these funds!

IndieGoGo is a very empowering tool that helps artists and entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Some of us have never thought about pooling the resources we can get from family, friends or even strangers to take gigantic steps forward in a business. We’re
hoping IndieGoGo (we’re using them over Kickstarter as the percentage fees are lower), and family, friends, and even strangers will provide us with the funding for our next series of AC recordings. And the first one is Titanium Rain Volume One, which will record in late September in Portland, ME. We’re shooting to reach $7500 in 55 days to cover actor fees, licensing fees, flights to bring Josh and Kat and selected voice-over actors to ME for the voice-over sessions, CD manufacturing costs, etc.

And there are a number of pledge gifts available that work with any financial situation: a digital download of Titanium Rain for $10 (seriously, $10: that’s a pretty damn decent pledge price), multiple downloads for $25 including Starstruck (for those who have not already purchased it – also a pretty damn decent pledge price), CD’s/prints/digital downloads for $50, and all of the above plus a personalized CD for your child or child’s friend starring Bill as a certain animated character he’s known for playing for $100.

The link is here to our campaign page: http://www.indiegogo.com/Titanium-Rain-The-Audio-Drama

We hope you’ll check it out, sign up with IGG and make a pledge, and tell as many people as is humanly possible. Word of mouth is a positive weapon when used wisely! Thank you very much for listening to us, and we hope you’ll keep listening.

And yes, there are two more cool campaigns a’comin’…and one of ’em involves the PULPS!


In the year 2031, a civil war begins in China and eventually envelops the entire world. For US Air Force pilot Alec Killian, survival in this new age means that man and machine must exist as one, courtesy of a new military project called Prometheus. This is the basis for one of the most acclaimed graphic novel series in recent years: Titanium Rain, created and produced by 01Publishing (www.01publishing.com/) and published by Archaia Entertainment:

“A different kind of war book, making statements about the politics and nature of war and not reducing itself to mocking the whole thing…I have a feeling that this is going to be one heck of a ride.” (Broken Frontier magazine)

“This is well worth the buy, I can’t recommend it enough.” (Graphic Policy online)

“The feeling of realism is taken up a notch by the recognizable story elements. Add in just enough cool tech to give it a fresh feel and you have my positive intial impression of Titanium Rain.” (Chuck Moore, Comic Related online review)

Now TR jumps from the printed page to the aural stage as it comes to the world of radio drama…with your help!

So, who are we? We are the AudioComics Company, an audio theatre/radio drama publishing company devoted to the production and distribution of professional full-cast adaptation of licensed and world-premiere productions featuring properties from the worlds of creator-owned comic books and graphic novels (www.audiocomicscompany.com). Our debut production of Starstruck (based on the play-turned-comic series by Elaine Lee and Michael Wm. Kaluta) has received rave reviews from comics and audio professionals alike. Now we turn our attention to Titanium Rain, which will be adpated for audio by co-creator Josh Finney and directed by Starstruck director William Dufris. The first book in the Titanium Rain saga is scheduled to record in Portland, ME in September of 2012.

The AudioComics team and 01Publishing’s Josh Finney and Kat Rocha all share a love for the medium of comics and of full-cast audio. Audio theatre is one of the visual mediums there is: you are no longer an audience member outside of the action but a direct participant making the action happen, with the help of voices, music, sound effects, and silence. The images you create based on what you see in the graphic novel allows you to create a billion dollar budget movie in your mind! Our passion is to take an existing medium and translate/transform it into an aurally stunning production that engages and entertains you from the word…or sound…go! Titanium Rain, with its timely meditations on the very nature of war, is one such production.

Your Investment in Our Project

Producing a full-cast audio drama is not an easy task, nor is it an inexpensive one! For every minute you hear of an audio drama, one to three hours of production time is involved. This includes voice-over sessions, editing, proofing, layering of sound effects (and believe you me there will be plenty in this one), music, and a final edit. Not to mention the manufacturing of compact discs for conventions and sales through stores such as Amazon, and payments to the creators and the performers, some of whom will be flying in to Maine from San Diego (not only are they skilled actors in front of microphones, but their likenesses were used in the visual designs for characters in the book).

We’re looking to raise enough to cover of recording the first volume of Titanium Rain and making it available to a worldwide audience through compact discs (sold online and at comic book/sci-f- conventions), pay-per-Mp3 downloads, and on community radio, with the hopes that listeners will in turn purchase the graphic novel series!

So, what will your contributions fund? Hey! How about the following:

  • License fees
  • Transportation to ME for the creators and guest actors
  • Payments to our gracious talent (10 -15 actors)
  • Catering (because a hungry actor is a grumpy actor)
  • Post production at Mind’s Eye Studios (anywhere from 60 to 180 hours)
  • Printing and compact disc production costs
  • Indie Go Go’s percentage

And any additional contributions will go toward funding on Parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy, with plans to record these chapters in 2012!

We have some exceptional swag to the right, ranging from complimentary digital downloads to exclusive TR prints, to one-of-a-kind commissions, and opportunities to have “under fives” (five lines or less) in the production regardless of your physical location. Furthermore, for every $1,000.00 raised, AudioComics Company co-founder Lance Roger Axt will donate 100 comic books from his personal collection to Operation Comix Relief, which sends care packages of comic books to our men and women fighting for our country overseas.

And Finally…Other Ways You Can Help!

Help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, over the phone and in your next e-mail! One of the most powerful forms of promotion is word of mouth. Any leads or connections you may have to other potential donors that may be interested in Titanium Rain will be greatly appreciated! See you in the studio!

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