Podcast Interview: Artist Steve Rude

Podcast Interview: Artist Steve Rude

Just in time for Comic Con! Legendary comic book artist STEVE RUDE took 40 minutes to discuss getting back into comics with “The Science Fiction Show” recently. The 40-minute chat includes Steve’s opinion of the DC reboot (also why he believes DC is the best landing spot for him), women in comics, the documentary being produced about him and much more in the interview with Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael Wistock. Click and listen, tell a friend!

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One Response to “Podcast Interview: Artist Steve Rude”

  1. Amber says:

    I didn’t really think he much to say about women in comics. It was a fleeting remark about his preference for style of female characters – soft & curvy vs hard & chiseled. Good interview nonetheless but not the topic I was lead to believe when someone tweeted it to me.