Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/6/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/6/11

Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2 by Dave Johnson

Why so serious, am I right? While upon first glance I could definitely tell this was a Dave Johnson cover, something about the styling of the skull and lips feels different. It’s a good different, mind you, and I especially enjoy the lips evaporating into a puff of red smoke. The bloody ‘J’ tattooed upon the forehead and Jim Gordon firing his gun are enjoyable little details as well. This cover does a great job giving us a clue of what the issue is going to be about, that’s for sure! Great cover.


Jonah Hex #69 by Jeff Lemire

I feel that Jeff Lemire should have been included on Jonah Hex art duties as soon as he joined DC. As you can see with this simple yet extremely effective cover, his unique gritty style is a match made in hell for this title! It’s wonderfully detailed, with that warm gritty feel shown throughout the image. Plus the blue-gray tones really pop on that orange background. Great way to catch your attention while browsing the shelves! Jeff Lemire needs to be apart of more Jonah Hex stories pronto!


Red Skull: Incarnate #1 by David Aja

Is it wrong of me to enjoy a cover prominently featuring a Nazi? I feel like I should be whispering this review instead, because I don’t want to accidentally offend someone with my Red Skull praise (sorry Jews). David Aja really took it to the next level with this propaganda-esque cover highlighting Red Skull within the black smokes of destruction. It’s like the opposite version of the Uncle Sam ‘I WANT YOU’ poster, only 100% evil. So while he’s still a Nazi, David Aja makes him look good on this cover.


Batman and Robin #25 (Variant) by J.G. Jones

This cover sure is puzzling! So after seeing the Red Hood go through a couple different costume changes throughout the series, I definitely like this one the most so far (even though that cape he had was pretty badass). I can’t begin to imagine how long it took J.G. Jones to complete this cover, but you can definitely tell he put a lot of love and effort into it. I enjoy the reds, whites, and blues that dominate the background, with Red Hood with matching guns looming over all. Looks like Batman and Robin are certainly doomed if they can’t find the corner pieces! A simply superb cover by Jones.

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