Iron Man at MD High School 2011 Graduation

Iron Man at MD High School 2011 Graduation

Ming Dao high school today in the morning, two at night, as the center of the country, the Ministry of nearly 2,500 senior students at the graduation ceremony. Ceremony to “Ming Star Academy” is the theme for the best graduates to become party in the male and female. President Wang big long the “steel

man “style on stage, Qimian graduates who want to steel the spirit to face the future challenges of life. The school said he hoped that every graduate, can serve as the director of his life, the way to shine in the future. Ceremony fake “Avenue of Stars,” so that instructors beautiful debut, when the day’s brightest star. President Wang big long play “Iron Man” playing, modeling by the attention, causing the students screaming. Served by the students built the props to make cardboard pieces, stick finished.


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  1. Alan says:

    Damian, what’s up with the text in this story? Was this translated by a web bot or am I having a brain tumor? 😀