Episode 007: The Dork-est Night!/SciFi Father’s Day

Episode 007: The Dork-est Night!/SciFi Father’s Day

“The Science Fiction Show” returns with no interviews, 2 minutes of preshow banter and 30 minutes of unexpurgated Green Lantern talk. Co-host Michael Wistock caught the midnight showing. So, he serves it up and co-hosts Keith Houin and Jason Tudor knock it out of the yard. Don’t miss this! Plus, it’s SciFi Father’s Day. The boys go through a list of pertinent SciFi fathers (and forget a few along the way) including Duke Leto Atreides, Kyle Reese and more. Plus, a gaggle of the usual idiocy, fun and mayhem that accompany the weekly show.

Including the word C%#kgoblin. Hmmm …

Listen and tell a friend to listen! Have them tell a friend, “This is the greatest podcast since Plato podcasted all that stuff he had to say.” Or something similar.

CONTEST! Be the first to send us an email telling us when you heard the beer bottle open and pour (be sure to note the time code) and receive print copy of the Green Lantern graphic novel “The Sinestro Corps War, Vol 1.” Send the email to myscifishow AT gmail dot com.

REMINDER: Our interview with artist/comic book legend Steve Rude, almost 60 minutes long, shows up HERE Wednesday, June 22, at 9 a.m. EST. He talks about when he’ll be back in comics and so much more.

Note: our iTunes feed is down, however, you CAN subscribe via the feedburner feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/myscifishow. You can stick that into Google Reader or manually paste it into iTunes to be updated when the new show comes in (always Tuesday, 9 a.m. EST). We’ll get the iTunes feed working as quickly as we can.

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