Lanterns Comic Debuts Online

Lanterns Comic Debuts Online

Artist Daniel Govar (Zuda comic Azure) teamed up with writer pals Tony Trov and Johnny Zito several months ago to create a fan mini-comic based on DC Comics character Green Lantern simply called “Lanterns”. With the movie coming out today, the trio (and letterer Gabriel Bautista) waited until now to release the fan short. Here are a few words from the artist:

This is a little 10 page labor of love cooked up by awesome writers and good pals Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, illustrated by myself, and lettered by the amazing Gabriel Bautista. This was done almost 6 months ago now, and we wanted to wait until now to share. This is a fan short, and I encourage everyone – go see Green Lantern. It looks amazing and if it was a quarter as fun to make as this, then it’s well worth the price of admission.

Trov and Zito founded South Fellini Productions: SOUTH Fellini is a DiY studio of comic creators founded by Tony Trov & Johnny Zito. They specialize in monsters and tough girls.

You can read the mini-comic in its entirety here:

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