Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 6/8/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 6/8/11

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 by Sean Murphy

So while some comic book fans can grow weary of Nazis in their comics, I for one still enjoy them as the villains as long as the story remains interesting. Vampires, and Nazis? You have my complete and undivided attention! Sean Murphy throws a lot of imagery at you with this cover, causing your eyes to dart to and fro to try and get a sense of what’s happening this issue. To me, it tells of a story set in WWII with Pearl & Skinner battling against Nazi Vampires. Murphy’s radical art style sets the perfect tone of what to expect in the interior pages. With the swastika shown, are they allowed to sell this issue in Germany?


Batman and Robin #24 by Guillem March

While this is a very intimidating cover of the Red Hood having his way with the dynamic duo, what I enjoy the most is Damian not going down without a fight. Batman succumbs without any gestures to indicate he tried to prevent this choke-out from happening, and then you have Robin fighting quite literally tooth and nail. The anger, frustration, and determination we can see in his face is hilarious, yet dark at the same time. March does a wonderful job in the tiniest details as well; I found myself observing the soles of Robin’s boots for quite some time, inspecting every crevice. And how about the muscles on Red Hood? Not too shabby! So while you may think this cover isn’t the next Sistine Chapel, you can at least take joy in the fact that Damian ain’t no wimp!


PunisherMAX #14 by Dave Johnson

Three colors is all it takes for you to enjoy this cover; red, black, and white. Let’s first take a look at the wonderful warped giant skull, looming down at Frank like an acid trip. And what’s that dangling all around the skull? Why, meat hooks of course! Shiny white chains and hooks, with the negatives highlighted when going across the skull. Speaking of negatives, the skull on Frank’s chest is also one, and it does look rather cool. Dave Johnson was the perfect choice for cover artist on this series, and he hasn’t let me down yet. Then again, I can’t think of a single Johnson cover outside of PunisherMax that has let me down! The dude is that good.


Scalped #49 by Jock

At first this cover amazed me, then as I started looking at the red glowing eyes within the trees, it freaked me the fuck out! It’s like those demon eyes are staring right into my soul, judging me. Maybe it’s because I was caught off-guard that I’m still a little spooked by this cover. First of all, you have this massive tree with branches that zig-zag all over almost like lightning, followed by the fact that owls aren’t usually regarded as the best omens. Are they restless spirits? Do they know something I don’t know? Why does Catcher have glowing red eyes too? I’m still uneasy about this whole cover, but I don’t hesitate for an instant to claim it as a thing of beauty. I’m fairly certain I have a COVER ARTIST OF THE YEAR category, and Jock is just slaying the competition.

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