Jeff Lemire on Animal Man

Jeff Lemire on Animal Man

Jeff Lemire is to shoulder writing duties on DC’s Animal Man relaunch, it has been reported.

It all started off with a tweet put out there by Jeff which hinted at it and later was reported by Bleeding Cool.

Lemire is best known for creating the Vertigo series Sweet Tooth. Last year, he signed an exclusivity contract with DC, and has since worked on a ‘Brightest Day’ one-shot featuring the Atom and the ongoing Superboy series.

DC recently announced that its entire line will relaunch in September, a move which will see 52 first issues arrive in stores. The revamped titles include Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League, a slate of Green Lantern titles, and various other flagship comics.

Created by writer Dave Wood and artist Carmine Infantino in 1965, Animal Man first appeared in Strange Adventures #180. The character was later revamped for a mature audience in the 1980s and featured in a series under DC’s Vertigo imprint.

More recently, the character featured in the ‘Blackest Night’ event and played a part in its aftermath.

Animal Man #1 arrives in stores in September.

I’m interested in seeing how this turns out as the only Animal Man I’ve ever read was the Morrison run.

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