No SciFiShow? No problem!

No SciFiShow? No problem!

There’s no “Science Fiction Show” podcast this week, mostly due to schedule issues with our co-hosts Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael Wistock. However, don’t let that throw a spanner in the works. You can catch up on previous shows, like Episode 004 (also, above), where we wax and wane on the 34th anniversary of Star Wars! You can join our Twitter feed, Facebook page or subscribe on iTunes! Or you can sit contemplatively waiting for the next show which features an interview with Eric Trautmann, writer of Red Sonja and Vampirella comic books (who also talks about his time as a Halo content creator).

We’re also proud to note that we are a new talk show on the RadioReddit Network. The talk show portion of the network is due to go live soon. You’ll see us there.

Whatever the case, thanks for helping turn the SciFiShow into a hit in its first four weeks and keep listening. We’ll keep you entertained!

So, hang loose for one more week and we’ll be back in big fashion!

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