Avengers Assemble! Episode 3: Oil Spill

Avengers Assemble! Episode 3: Oil Spill

With Tony Stark out of the office for “personal” reasons, Captain America sits in as team leader. In this episode, the oil spill in the gulf hits close to home for one of our heroes, and the Avengers have to decide whether or not to take action.


The Avengers Assemble tweaks the Marvel Universe by introducing real-world politics (the health care overhaul, BP oil spill, conflict in the Middle East), and running them through a filter of inane office board room chatter, all staged as a prelude to an ass-kicking.

The hilarity of series lives somewhere between the minutiae of office politics and the absurdity of the comic universe in which Scarlet Witch asks, “Does the new health care cover an android common law husband?” or Ms. Marvel uses the Kree-Skrull Warras an analogy for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. And what fun Abbot & Costello could have had with the double entendre “death panels.”


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    “Hydra is the parent company of Disney, Snapple, and the Utah Jazz.”