SciFiShow, Episode 1

SciFiShow, Episode 1

It’s our debut! The Science Fiction Show is now available via The Furnace every Tuesday! My friend, Keith Houin and I chat up a number of topics in our kickoff event, including the opening of “Thor.” I saw it and … well, listen in and find out. Also, we discuss the summer SciFi movie season, squeeze in a bit of SciFi television talk, and much much more this week. As a side note, I recorded this literally minutes after stepping off an hour-and-a-half train ride from watching “Thor” (explained why in the show), so it has its bumps and bruises. But we think we’ve got some entertaining audio for you in the coming weeks. You can listen or DOWNLOAD the file below (below the “you might also like” bar) or just listen by clicking the above link. Tune in, tell us what you think (email and thank you to Damian for hosting the show on his site! This show was recorded Sunday, May 1, 2011.

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3 Responses to “SciFiShow, Episode 1”

  1. keith houin says:

    Let me say, sorry for the memory dump on this episode and in advance for those I will have in the future.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Hey Keith,

    No need to apologize it happens to the best of us heh.

    I really liked the show and you can see that you have been friends for a while extending the normal conversations to being recorded…

    I can’t wait to hear more and welcome to The Furnace Family!

  3. D. Bethel says:

    Great show! I eagerly wait for the next episode.

    While I’m not particularly a science fiction fan (with the exception of Doctor Who, of which I am a total fount of knowledge, both pre-2005 reboot and post), I found the podcast intelligent and entertaining. Great stuff.

    What I found particularly interesting was the dance around defining what science-fiction actually is. Like any genre, of course, sci-fi is (nearly) infinitely varied and branching, but one of things I’ve heard is whether space opera–Star Wars being the most well-known example–counts as sci-fi and not, in fact, fantasy. What makes it different? Merely putting the story in space? Arguably the Star Wars prequels could be considered more sci-fi since they (in my eyes, regrettably) introduce “science” to the mythology (oh, midichlorians). While I don’t fall one way or the other (my comic-creating co-author would most definitely have an opinion), I was interested to hear what you had to say.

    Also, speaking of Jules Verne, a really great Verne-inspired film is, shockingly, Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire. As Verne fans, I was wondering if you’ve seen it and what you thought of it as a piece of science fiction.

    That’s all I’ll blab about. Great first episode!