John Constantine Returning to the DCU

John Constantine Returning to the DCU

As I usually do over a weekend I play catch up on all the news I didn’t look at when spending time with the family which for this past 5 day weekend I’ve missed out on quite a bit it seems.

One thing that I had to comment on was over at Bleeding Cool where it has been confirmed that John  Constantine will be returning to the DCU which was talked about for a while and I for one haven’t been looking forward too.

From what they have said it seems that Peter Milligan was questioned at the Hellblazer 25th Anniversary panel at the London Sci-Fi Festival about Bleeding Cool’s coverage of John Constantine’s impending return to the DC Universe line of titles.

Here’s a quote on what was replied.

Current Hellblazer writer Peter Milligan, and DCU contributor, confirmed that, yes, John Constantine is returning to his old stomping grounds. But it’s not going to affect the Hellblazer book, or his portrayal therein (which, quite frankly, has been stellar of late). And while he couldn’t speak for the DC Universe portrayal, he understands that it will basically be the same character, the same person, but it won’t interfere with his Vertigo portrayal.

This has me feeling a lot better about the return as a long time fan of the character and I’ve been loving what has been in the book since Andy Diggle came on all that time ago.

And as any selfish fan I want my Vertigo Hellblazer to stay as the current Vertigo Hellblazer not some watered down version of itself. As for him turning up in the DCU I’m not naive enough to think that he wouldn’t fit in but I hope they don’t try to push him into every corner of the Universe and use him as he was always used before the DC/Vertigo barrier was raised.

At least one thing is for sure… DC will be getting more of my money as I’m tracking down every appearance of John at the moment as I have the entire run of his title…

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