Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 4/20/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 4/20/11










Gotham City Sirens #22 by Guillem March

We’ve all been there; torn between both good and evil, stuck in the middle with that hard decision to make; drown all the lawyers, or just half to send a message to the others? With this cover it beautifully illustrates the situation Selina finds herself in this issue. While both wings are radically different, they fulfill that sense of unity perfectly. So while Catwoman is battered-down once again, you would think she’s figured out what side she’s on by now.


28 Days Later #22 by Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips is such a professional when it comes to catching my attention with these covers. Black and white loose-sketch in the foreground, skies of different reds in the background. Together, they make every detail of the black and white pop-out at the reader. What I particularly enjoy about the muddled reds in the background is they give me that sense of post-apocalyptic dread, that the situation is completely not okay anymore. Not that it has been for the past twenty-two issues, but that’s not the point! This is simply a beautiful cover.


Green Lantern #65 by Doug Mahnke and Keith Champagne

The thing about this cover is Hal Jordan fits-in with the Sinestro Corps perfectly, that I had to do a double-take to see what series I was reading. Obviously, the dominant color is going to be yellow, but it’s spread all over the cover in a way that doesn’t make it tiresome to look at. I just love Mahnke’s bold line-work and little details throughout, that this cover in particular would be one badass poster. That’s the great thing about Jordan; he makes any color look good.


Dark Horse Presents #1 by Paul Pope

I remember when this title was first solicited many months ago, and people were getting excited for both the Frank Miller and Paul Chadwick covers. I’m sorry, but the real hidden gem is this Paul Pope cover. Does it have anything to do with one of the stories inside? Who cares! Look at this glorious cover; we have a mysterious looking pirate-tiger-lady with her pet tigers among the tiger ruins. The attention to details in the cover are mesmerizing, especially in the faces of both tigers and in the ruins behind them. Just like the tigers, Paul Pope can’t change his stripes; he’s still a fantastic artist.


Superman / Batman #83 by Travel Foreman

I’ve often lain awake at night wondering what it would look like if Superman and Batman were transported into Middle Earth. I then look at this cover, and all those long sleepless nights are suddenly put to rest. First of all, we have the goddamn Batman riding what appears to be a dragon / Nazgul hybrid. If anyone is capable of saddling one of those beasts, it’s Batman. Then we have Superman charging with a claymore-sized lightning sword, looking more extremely awesome than usual. He doesn’t even need a sword, but the fact that he’s proudly got one on display should make you fear him even more! Sauron better watch himself, because he’s got two super Hobbits on their way to Mt. Doom in a hurry, and they ain’t no Sam & Frodo!

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