Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 4/13/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 4/13/11











Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #3 by Leinil Yu & Frank Martin

First of all, nice homage to Gil Kane. It really does fit both of these characters in such an updated setting such as the Ultimate Universe. It might be just me, but I’ve always been a fan of Frank Castle’s black-ops Captain America outfit. So while the whole event is about the death of Ultimate Spidey, this was the best cover to sample from because not only is it an iconic image, but it conveys the sense of danger and peril for our hero in the cross-hairs. Plus it’s Yu’s great fast-paced style, which I’m always a fan of.


The Infinite Vacation #2 by Christian Ward

The colors are the first thing that catches the eye, and it’s a nice mixture of of cool and slightly warm textures. I also love the multiple Mark’s scattered around, completely fixated on the violet-haired free spirit goddess front and center.  She has a secret, and we’re not allowed in on its juicy contents quite yet. It’s her eyes that really intrigue me, and knowing my track-record with women based on their seductive eyes alone, I can already predict this won’t be ending well for me. Hundreds of cubes, nice use of space, these The Infinite Vacation covers are continuing to be the cat’s pajamas.


The Incredible Hulks #626 by Jock

This cover is just plain silly. And that’s why I like it! Never in a million years did I think I’d see the mash-up of 007 and Bruce Banner, and this cover is why; it’s extremely silly to look at! Where would you even get a tuxedo that large, the Big & Smash store? Very good use of colors, and the only thing I have to complain about is that Thor movie banner; totally takes away from the image itself. Other than that, it’s the perfect cover for my upcoming straight-to-DVD fan movie; 00Green: The Spy Who Smashed Me.


Batman and Robin #22 by Patrick Gleason

The disembodied eyes staring right at the reader is the creepy factor for me. It reminds me of the one scene in the Great Gatsby, with the glasses on the billboard staring out over the vast wasteland. In this case it’s peering out over the gritty city of Gotham, with it’s two lone protectors in the way. Batman and Robin strike a pose that says “nothing bad is going to happen under our watch!“, but those evil eyes keep staring. Why do they stare without blinking, mommy? Make the bad eyes go away! Very haunting cover. Now only if I can go to sleep tonight.


PunisherMAX #12 by Dave Johnson

I’m happy this series is coming back out on a regular basis, because that means I get more of these always-fantastic Dave Johnson covers! I really like the use of red in this cover, because dripping blood is always an effective tool to intrigue the viewer with hopes of violence and gore. This being a MAX title, it’s a pretty good indicator of what’s probably going to happen. The tan-gray tones of the shadowing on the bars rendered perfectly in the image, followed with that badass skull-key protruding from the lock; a chance for freedom and a rampant killing-spree in the prison! Yaaaay!

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