A Call for Submissions

A Call for Submissions

Going ahead with one of the random ideas that I’ve had bombarding my head I thought it would be cool to post up some Geeky Tattoos and Cosplay pictures so I’m putting out the call to everyone who reads this.

If you have a Geek Related tattoo be it Comic, Movie, Tech or anything out side of the norm send me some images as well as some info about yourself and where/who the artist was who did it for you. (Yes there will be new photos of my Brian Froud Sleeve to come up in the near future)

Also if your a Cosplayer and want to get some photos out there OR you’ve been going to Cons and have some photos you want to show off you can also sent them through with some information about the Con/Event If you know who the cosplayer was and any websites you have and we’ll get them started!

So to send me an email regarding it use the contact form you can see on the left of the screen or send any images through to furnace AT lordshaper DOT com

Thanks to all who want to take part and lets see if this is something that people would like to see once a week!

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