Living Dead Dolls Series 22 Announced

Living Dead Dolls Series 22 Announced

Who doesn’t love playing with the dead? Sure, they can be a little stiff, but if you keep those limbs moving, you should be pretty okay. As for the smell? Well, there’s not much that can be done in that department. Small price to pay for all that macabre fun though, dontcha think?

From the Press Release:
Mezco Toyz is happy to unveil the dolls that make up Living Dead Dolls Series 22. Their names are (clockwise from the top):

– Goria
– Menard
– Roxie
– Ava
– Peggy Goo

When there is no more room in hell, dolls will walk the Earth. The 22nd series of the Living Dead Dolls pays tribute to the creatures that first inspired the creators more than a decade ago: Zombies!

Five rotting corpses, freshly reanimated, shuffle forth from their tombs and into the night. They search for brains…try to be open-minded!

Set of 5, each individually packaged in their own coffin…for now.

Ships in September 2011 so check out your local shops to get them.

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