A Call for Opinions – Rob Granito and Misrepresenting Art

A Call for Opinions – Rob Granito and Misrepresenting Art

It’s been a while since I’ve put a call out but I’m wondering what everyone who reads this has to say about Rob Granito and the issues of selling stolen art where the ‘artist ls claiming it as his own.

If you have a opinion on people like this and what we can do to try to police this in the future send an email to Furnace AT lordshaper DOT com and I will gather all the opinions and compile them into one post.

If you do not want to be identified let me know.

Now even though anything goes please try to have some constructive opinions about the situation not the person.


If you want to know more about what has been going on you can see more over at Bleeding Cool here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

2 Responses to “A Call for Opinions – Rob Granito and Misrepresenting Art”

  1. Alan says:

    I would have preferred a lot less of the dogpile that resulted. Maybe it took all that pressure to get him to address it, but I’d have preferred it to have happened in a more private arena rather than blasted out like that for all of us the snicker at.

    The guy thought he was doing something right, and I wouldn’t doubt he has some mental disability on top of it to be so convinced of himself. Plus I hear from other professionals that he’s not the only one who does work of this kind, whether they’re disabled or not.

    So if I never saw his name in another article from here on out, that would be just fine with me. :-]

  2. John Shields says:

    Hello. I Have Been Reading This Story With Some Interest Because I Am Actually A Attorney/Lawyer. I Dont Know The Kid Personally But I Have Felt Interested In This As A Case So Have Done Some Research. First Off Many Examples Of Swipes And Homage Have Exsisted In Comics For Many Years. How Many Examples Have We Seen Of The Famous Fantastic Four Cover 1 All These Years. This Guy Seems Like A Hard Working Artist Whos Mistake Maybe Was Forgetting To Credit His Homages. People Like Mark Waid Should Realize Their Taking Food Out Of The Mouths Of Those Innocence Children. Again I Dont Know This Guy Personally But It Seems To Me He Suffered Enough And We Are Crossing That Line. In A Court Room Because I Am Actually A Lawyer I Can Tell You That Just Becaused Of Populiar Opinion Doesnt Allways Mean A Closed Case. Let This Go Away So This Guy Can Get Back To Work To Do What He Loves And Support His Family. He Is Not Forcing Any Body To Buy His Artwork. This Has Been Blown Up And It Proves Comic Pros Can Be A Click And Work Against Those Who Arenot Popular. Thank You For Your Time.