Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 3/23/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 3/23/11











Batman Incorporated #4 by J.H. Williams III

America; fuck yeah! Patriotism aside, the cover illustrates beautifully which characters to expect in this issue, and where it’s going to take place. While we all know J.H. Williams can draw the hell out of Batwoman, it’s interesting to see her as a footnote on the cover, where the main character on display is none other than Batman. I especially love how the logo and seal of Gotham flow along with the American flag, giving a great sense of unity.


FF #1 by Daniel Acuña

My favorite of the sixteen covers. Okay, there weren’t sixteen covers, but didn’t it seem like Marvel was taken over by Dynamite or Avatar this week? All joking aside, I’ve always loved Daniel Acuña’s art, and I especially love this cover of the Future Foundation he illustrated. It does a wonderful job establishing the new status quo, costumes and all. As for the costumes, I’m personally a fan. I really like how Reed, Sue and Ben each get their own highlighted hexagon on the outfit. Very unique design. And for Spider-Man? Yes it feels like he has a new costume every week, but this one looks great on him so I’ll give it a pass (this time).


Fables #103 by Joao Ruas

Simple, yet effective. The current story arc is tackling superheroes for the first time in the Fables universe, so what better way to illustrate the cover than with a John Byrne homage cover? Usually in a situation where one rips-open their shirt to reveal what’s underneath, it takes place at a strip club or a phone booth in Metropolis. For this cover, it’s the logo, and a damn fine shiny one. This looks like a job for, Joao Ruas!


5 Ronin #4 by David Aja

Another week, another beautiful Aja cover. Believe me, I’m not selecting his covers on purpose. Every week I browse online the comics that came out, and dammit, so far Aja’s 5 Ronin covers almost get me every time! This gem for instance; the girl with the butterfly tattoo (isn’t that a Stieg Larsson novel?); the use of violet with the butterfly being displayed on a bare back really captures your attention because it’s calming and beautiful. Then all of a sudden you notice the katana but it’s too late! Damn sexy assassins get me every time!

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