Amber checks out THE ART OF VAMPIRELLA

Amber checks out THE ART OF VAMPIRELLA

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THE ART OF VAMPIRELLA should expose all readers to a few artists’ works they’ve never seen before. Maybe you’re a hardcore Jusko fan but never saw Beck’s work; or maybe you’ll enjoy finding the common themes of Jason Alexander, Christopher Shy and Arthur Suydam. Each artist brings something unique to Vampirella from variations to her costume to the mood behind her eyes. She’s playful, seductive and sometimes so fiercely scary you want to run but just find yourself sucked into her thrall. Franchesco! makes her cute; Stephen Segovia makes her alluring; Dan Brereton makes her more monstrous. Phil Noto’s style of innocence would surely fool any mortal man that walked her way. Then there are the various pin-up Greats like Mark Texeira and Joe Chiodo. There are simply too many stunning pieces to references in one review.

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  1. Bob says:

    Thanks, Damian & Amber! I totally missed this book, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for a copy…..