Thor To Premiere In Australia In April

Thor To Premiere In Australia In April

Thor opens in the United States on May 6, one of the last in the line of worldwide releases that kick off in Australia on April 21. As if the added wait wasn’t enough, it now turns out that the Marvel Studios blockbuster will be premiering in Sydney, Australia as well, on April 17. It’s like star Chris Hemsworth is from there or something. Oh… right.

Hemsworth will be joined on the red carpet by director Kenneth Branagh and stars Kat Dennings, who plays Darcy, Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, and Jaimie Alexander, who plays Sif.

The premiere will mark the kickoff of a two-day promotion tour through the country, with stops in Sydney and Hemsworth’s home town of Melbourne. Fellow star Natalie Portman isn’t mentioned and likely won’t be participating since she is expecting her first child this summer.

Australia has the release date lead on the rest of the world, with the April 21 wide opening not repeated anywhere until April 27, in Belgium, Egypt, France and Switzerland. Pretty much every other place on the planet that has a movie theater follows suit over the next three days. The U.S. and Japan both get a raw deal, with May 6 and July 2 openings, respectively.

Hemsworth has of course already seen it, and he says that it is quite good. No surprises there. The recently released French trailer showed some promising new tidbits, but we’ll all have to wait until May 6 for the full 3-D experience.

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