Deadlands from RPG to Mini Series

Deadlands from RPG to Mini Series

Deadlands will debut with four one-shots, running June-September, with stand alone front feature stories by the best in the business in the genre of western-horror. Books will feature the talents of David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Steve Niles, Francesco Francavilla, and Michael Atiyeh.

Deadlands is a high profile RPG, having won every award in the gaming industry. It helped define the Weird Western genre! Each book will introduce the story and the world to appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike. Gamers will find a world you already love brought to vivid life. Non-gamers who enjoy westerns, horror, or steam punk will be introduced to a world of magic, shadows and six-guns that will hook you from page one.

In addition, the four one-shots will each feature one chapter of a four part back-up story, so if you collect all four, you get a bonus fifth comic free!

The first Deadlands one-shot will be solicited in the April Previews and available in June. Pre-Order and make sure you get yours!

Source: Image Comics

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