Star Wars Old Republic Blood of the Empire

Star Wars Old Republic Blood of the Empire

We wanted Star Wars: The Old Republic Blood of the Empire to be accessible. Even if readers had only seen a Star Wars movie or three, they could still be able to pick up this book and fall into a heart-stopping space adventure, no continuity strings attached. Like in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, there’s a whole galaxy of ideas bursting from the seams; at its heart, this is as exciting and fun and engrossing a story as you’ll find anywhere, from the very first page, no matter who you are.

Blood of the Empire isn’t just an introduction to Star Wars, though; it’s an essential piece of mythology behind the biggest Star Wars event of 2011 LucasArts and BioWare’s online game Star Wars: The Old Republic. This story gives a never-before-seen look at the massive war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic that reshaped the galaxy forever. It unveils the inner workings of the Sith for the first time, concerning a secret of the emperor’s so coveted even his own Sith Lords don’t know about it!

This isn’t just a random media tie-in Blood of the Empire is written by Alexander Freed, one of the senior writers on the Star Wars: The Old Republic game. He has woven this story into the fabric of this compelling new era for Star Wars. With all of the action, drama, lightsabers, and starships fans love, Blood of the Empire is also unique and original, featuring a battle of Sith versus Sith, as Sith Teneb Kel is sent on a mission to hunt down none other than the emperor’s apprentice herself!

For any comics reader, from the casual fan to the committed Star Wars follower, Blood of the Empire is an incredible new beginning for the greatest space adventure of our time. This is the best opportunity yet for everyone to get in on the ground floor of the next phase for this venerable modern myth.

–Dave Marshall, Editor

2 Responses to “Star Wars Old Republic Blood of the Empire”

  1. ravens says:

    the only problem with it is, it is terrible and does not fit into Continuity.

  2. mike says:

    hmmmm. yeah, that would be a problem.