DJ Caruso to Helm Preacher Project

DJ Caruso to Helm Preacher Project

Splash Page was reporting overnight that Preacher is going to be taken up by DJ Caruso.

As they are reporting:
There’s been a ramp-up of news on the Preacher adaptation front in recent days, with rumors pointing to I Am Number Four director DJ Caruso taking the reins. Now the news is official, confirmed by the filmmaker himself.

Caruso took to Twitter last night with a short and sweet update: “My deal just closed on Preacher. Going back to the dark side and pretty f—ing pumped!”

It doesn’t get much more concrete than that.

The rumor mill started churning out “Preacher” talk last week with an anonymous report that Caruso was in talks to direct the adaptation. He spoke a little bit on his love for the comic in an interview posted around the same time, saying “I love the Wild West, man. I really love ‘Preacher.’ … I think that’s what would sell me [on taking on a comic book project again after ‘Y: The Last Man’ fell through].”

As you may have already gathered from his comments above, Caruso was once attached to an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s comic book series Y: The Last Man. That project never quite got off the ground, with Caruso telling MTV News last August that he was still “loosely attached,” though the process was being held up by the studio’s desire to condense more of the series into a single movie than the director wanted.

Preacher offers a similarly deep story, which presumably means that Caruso will be pushing for a larger treatment. Anyone who has read the Ennis series can probably agree that there’s far too much story for one movie to contain.

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