Stephen King’s The Stand Movies?

Stephen King’s The Stand Movies?

Having already been adapted into a TV miniseries, Stephen King’s big-selling, cult epic The Stand is finally on its way to the big screen. The book, if you don’t know it, is an apocalyptic survival story that features an expansive ensemble of characters, and a battle between the forces of good and the immortal embodiment of living evil. Personally, I found it a touch silly and only read a couple of hundred pages some 20 years ago or so. That’s not much of the book at all – it’s a fat one.

At the moment, plans for the movie version are in the very early stages and apart from King himself, who will likely only have minor direct involvement, we don’t know who will be responsible for the adaptation.

Indeed, we don’t even know if they’re going to attempt a single film adaptation of the very hefty tome, or try to parse the narrative out over a couple of pictures, or maybe a trilogy. Each approach would have its own risks, either creative or financial.

Heat Vision‘s report notes that Warner Bros. won the rights to team up with CBS films on the project after several studios had engaged in a bidding war. Presumably, then, they’re very keen, and the film – or films – will actually make it into production.

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