Spider-Man Reboot Shooting Locations Revealed

Spider-Man Reboot Shooting Locations Revealed

Good news for comic book fans living in Los Angeles and New York City: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is swinging into your neck of the woods for his next big screen adventure!

The Los Angeles Times reports that director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot will divide its time between shooting in Hollywood and New York over a 90-day film shoot that began two weeks ago. The Sony Pictures lot in Los Angeles is the production’s primary shooting location, with on-location work occurring at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood and Immanuel Presbyterian Church in mid-Wilshire.

Although the story of “Spider-Man” is traditionally set in New York City, the spandex-wearing webhead will only swing into Manhattan for two weeks worth of filming. The rest is planned to take place in Los Angeles.

As the production mostly takes place in Los Angeles, the latest “Spider-Man” movie will employ almost 1,000 crew members including construction workers creating expansive sets on seven different stages of the Sony lot.

“This is the fourth Spider-Man production we have shot primarily in Los Angeles and for good reason,” said Sony Pictures Entertainment Steve Elzer. “The crews here are the best in the world but there is a comfort level in producing a project of this size and scope on your own backlot.”

Additional reasons for shooting on the Los Angeles-located studio lot include increased security for the highly secretive project, greater quality control and an easier ability for producers to interact with Sony’s in-house visual effects team.

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