Meet @JessicaNova of @CosplayDeviants

Meet @JessicaNova of @CosplayDeviants

It’s long overdue but I finally got an interview with NOVA from Here’s where you combine all the ingredients of fierce, stylish, sexy and nerdy in a blender to get a bombshell the likes of nothing else on the internet. Not only can other girls be envious of her sculpted abs but she’s marrying Superman! I can’t make this stuff up! Fiancé Jonathan Carroll is one of the most popular costumed Superman fans out there. Covet away, ladies! The two have his and hers Harley Quinn tattoos to seal their bond in eternal geekdom.

Here’s an excerpt but please head to AmberUnmasked to be fully satisfied in Nova goodness.

Do you make your costumes, modify or commission them?


I do all of the above. I started costuming through modification to garments, this lead me to sewing and then doing commission work, which leaves me little time so while I’m making costumes for other people, I occasionally hire someone else to make costumes for me!

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