Bring the All-New Radical Facebook Page into your Social Network

Bring the All-New Radical Facebook Page into your Social Network

Are you ready to bring Radical into your social network? Radical Publishing is proud to announce the launch of a redesigned Facebook page featuring dynamic new ways to experience fan-favorite titles from the Radical Library. Redesigned from the ground up, the new Radical Facebook hub encompasses all the books in Radical’s ever-expanding library, giving fans the opportunity to delve deeper into the worlds of the critically acclaimed Radical books like Shrapnel, Hotwire, Abattoir, Time Bomb and Ryder on the Stormand now for the first time, fans can get into the stories of the Radical Universe like never before!

Radical’s new Facebook page gets fans to the heart of what drives the story: the characters. From the main page, fans can access all-new Facebook character profiles to actually interact with the leading men and ladies of the Radical Universe. Learn about their past. See what makes them tick. They may even be a little like you! Users can friend Shrapnel’s futuristic military leader Sam Vijaya; dig deep into the half-demon brain of Ryder on the Storm’s Richard Ryder; post a snarky comment on Alice Hotwire’s wall and get live feed updates from many other iconic faces in Radical’s critically acclaimed library.

“We give fans as much content as possible with every book we release, and Radical is proud to extend that philosophy to our new Facebook page,” said Radical President and Publisher Barry Levine. “Over 10,000 fans have shown their support by liking us on Facebook and this is our opportunity to give something back to them. Not only does the new page feature a current catalog of our most popular titles with breaking news, fans now have the ability to both friend and interact with the all-stars of the Radical Universe. Whether it’s posting on the wall of your favorite character or getting some insight into the world of your favorite Radical book, it’s a great time to be a Radical fan.”

In addition to the new features, the Radical Facebook page will continue to post the latest and up-to-date news on all Radical titles including articles, interviews and special contests for all followers. Currently, fans can explore the worlds and friend the characters of Shrapnel, Hotwire, Abattoir, Time Bomb and Ryder on the Storm with many more to come. For the latest updates, check out Radical’s new Facebook page at and come get lost in the Radical Universe.

About Radical Publishing

In a world of publishing where the market is always hungry for the next fresh property, one new publisher is looking to shake things up and is delivering exciting creative products with a bold new business approach. Aptly named, Radical Publishing is leveraging on its experienced leadership, dynamic crew and unique business infrastructure to create that vital connection throughout the media space.

Founded by Barry Levine and Jesse Berger, Radical Publishing is a manufacturer of the next generation of premium comic book products, with a focus on high-concept stories and artwork by marquee and newly discovered talent. In addition, the quality of the work ensures a longer shelf life for each property as a collective library of high concepts. For more information, visit,,,

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