Countdown to Halloween: Lobo

Countdown to Halloween: Lobo

On for another Countdown to Halloween how can we pass up the Main Man. Lobo for those that have only read him from 52 onwards has been a favourite character of mine for the senseless violence as well as the fun the comics always had.

From his first mini series where he had to take his old school teacher into custody for Vril Dox which was causing him issues as he wasn’t the last of his kind anymore up until he takes a hit on Santa Claus by the Easter Bunny because his holiday is getting overshadowed by Christmas.

How can you go past the ultra violent maniac who’s only joy is to fight and virtually can not die!

Anyway on with today’s page. This is either from Issue 23 or 24 of the Lobo ongoing series with the art by Steve Ellis. As I haven’t looked at the issues for a while I can’t remember exactly what issue it is from but after my move I’m going to get the full information about it.

Maybe I can get my son dressed up as Lobo for Halloween this year!

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  1. LOBO… W00000T… Th Main Man. The Bastige, I have every Lobo appearance in comics and elsewhere… action figures mini mates, statues, lithograph, vinyl statue, stuffed lobo. DVD, web toons… It is quite inspiring. Lobo. Now if i only could get a Bisley sketch of Lobo … than I could rest.