New Green Lantern Concept Art

New Green Lantern Concept Art

Splash Page has came out with some great new concept shots from the new Green Lantern Movie which have me wanting to see this even more than I did before!

If you haven’t seen them yet Below is what they had to say:

If you were worried that director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern wouldn’t spend a meaningful amount of time dealing with space, have no fear — some intriguing pieces of concept art indicate that we’ll have plenty of places beside Earth to call home when the DC Entertainment movie shoots into orbit next summer.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures come two new concept illustrations from “Green Lantern” depicting Oa, a planet that functions as the intergalactic peacekeeping squad’s base of operations — and as you can see, space is very much a part of the live-action “Green Lantern” plan.

The first illustration depicts the Crypts of Oa, a cemetery of sorts where fallen Green Lanterns are forever remembered. The film’s version of the Crypt is a bleak landscape that you probably wouldn’t want to walk around alone — unless you had a trusty ring with you, of course. In the comics, the Crypt is watched over by Morro, the defender of Space Sector 0666.

The second illustration is a comparatively sunnier sight to behold: the Guardian’s city, essentially the very heart of Oa. This alien urban environment is where many of Oa’s most important features are, from the Hall of Great Service where the laws and stories that define the Green Lantern Corps are housed, all the way to the Planetary Citadel, the home of the iconic Central Power Battery — which may or may not have a little something to do with that green burst of light shining in the middle of the illustration.

These images are just a taste of things to come on the “Green Lantern” front, and what a taste indeed — June 2011 just got a little bit farther away!

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